Many patients enjoy the flexibility of switching between wearing glasses and contact lenses to correct their vision. However, contact lens exams are not always performed during regular eye exams. If you are considering contact lenses, be sure to let us know when you schedule your exam. Scheduling your general eye exam and your contact lens exam for the same visit will save you time and money. Performing these exams at different locations or with different optometrists can lead to repeated tests and additional fees.

There are a variety of contact lenses on the market that can be changed at different frequencies: daily, biweekly, monthly. There are also different kinds of contact lens options such as Multifocal contacts, Monovision contacts and color contacts.

In addition to soft contact lenses for those with and without astigmatism, we also provide fittings for hybrid, rigid gas permeable (RGP), and scleral lenses to maximize visual acuity for those with high prescriptions or medical conditions such as keratoconus and severe dry eye. We have diagnostic fitting sets available for Rose K2 and Onefit Med in-office.

Our contact lenses at Sunnysight Optik are competitively priced (and typically less expensive) than online retailers. We offer free shipping on most brands and overnight shipping for in-store pickups. If you’re already our patient and would like to reorder your contacts please send us an email.